University of Michigan/EMU (expected) - The All Prospect Select

Ann Arbor, MI | June 24-27, 2021

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First to register and make full payment marks team with guaranteed game at feature field.
  • Number of Teams on Featured Fields
  • 15U - 6 teams
  • 16/17U - 12 teams
  • Confirmed Teams
  • PK Prospects 16u - 15U
  • TB Tigers 15u - 15U
  • Michigan Mets - 15U
  • Legacy-Cornell - 16/17U
  • SC Spiders - 16/17U
  • RBC 16/17U - 16/17U
  • Oakland Reds 16U - 16/17U
  • Legacy-Doyle - 16/17U
  • Michigan Brewers 16u - 16/17U
  • 16U LCB Legends Gold - 16/17U
  • Michigan Bluejays - Jordan - 16/17U
  • Michigan Bluejays - Constine - 16/17U
  • MC9-Meadows - 16/17U
  • PK Prospects 17u - 16/17U
  • Canton Michigan Marlins - 16/17U
  • MSA Harrison - 16/17U
  • Canton Michigan Marlins - 16/17U
  • Michigan Blue Jays - Henseler - 16/17U
  • Motor City Mayhem - 16/17U
  • Colorado Rogue JV - 16/17U
  • CM STARS 17U - 16/17U
  • Capital City Kings - Turner - 16/17U
  • Adrian Dirtbags Klotz - 16/17U
  • GR Diamonds - Westerhuis 16U - 16/17U
  • Registered Teams
  • Michigan Blue Jays - Ward - 15U
  • 16U Michigan Wildcats - 16/17U


  • Venue(s)
    Feature FIeld
    Eastern Michigan University
    Oestrike Stadium
    Ypsilanti, MI 48197

    Feature Field
    University of Michigan
    500 S State St
    Ann Arbor, MI 48109

  • Division(s)
  • Age Cut Off
    A players age on May 1 is his age for the year. 2021 grads are 18U, 2022 grads are 17U, 2023 grads are 16U, 2024 grads are 15U, 2025 grads are 14. A player’s grad year may be used to trump his age. All players having graduated from high school prior to the current grad year must be approved to compete.
  • Tournament Format
    Pool Play + Brackets
  • Games Guaranteed
  • Hotel Info
    All Pastime Tournaments events are STAY-TO-PLAY. In order to participate in the tournaments, all athletes are required to book their lodging through Athletx Travel. If you choose not to book your lodging through Athletx Travel, you will be required to pay an alternative lodging fee. Contact for alternative lodging inquiries. REGISTRATIONS MADE WITHIN 14 DAYS OF EVENT:Will automatically have the alternative lodging coverage applied, and teams/individuals may book outside of event lodging. If you reside within 75 miles of the event you will be considered local and no further action is needed.

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  • Special Notes
    This event is listed as "expected" until confirmed by UMich. This is a date we've used for about ten years and would expect to use again. Eastern Michigan University has been confirmed for use unless COVID prevents availability.