All Scout Selections – Xavier University – The Ohio Valley Open Invitational (June 3-6, 2021)

June 3-6, 2021 - Players of the Week

All players listed below were hand picked by Pastime’s Tier 1 scouts who spend all weekend identifying talent amongst every tournament labeled “All Scout”. Each player that is labeled as a top player of the weekend will receive an invite to the All Scout Championship individual event in August.

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Tony Spangler (Midwest Nationals, 2022, 1B/LHP): 6’5, with a power bat. Tall, square stance, balanced swing, pull-side power. On the mound his FB was 78-82 topping 84. Low 3/4 delivery gave it depth and arm-side run. Needs some consistency in his deliver. His deliver pace varies. when he delivers slow his velo is down. When he has good pace throughout his delivery his velo is up. CB 69-71 Slider 73-74. Slow curve easy to pick.

Sam King (Gem City throwbacks, 2022, C/RHP): Blocks and digs well behind the plate. Outstanding arm. Two deep flyouts to LF and RF. Has upright stance. Slight hitch in his load, which could cause issues when facing high velocity guys. Smooth, explosive swing produces quick exit velocity and power to all fields.

Sam Pennix (Midland Tribe, 2023, RHP): Very aggressive demeanor. Comes right at the hitters. Arm slot is 3/4. Fastball touches 83.

Jonathan Alcorn (Midland Outlaws, 2023, OF/RHP): The only word written next to Jonathan’s name was “stud”. That should say everything you need to know.

Xander Miller (USA Prime Ohio, 2024, SS/RHP): Good control on pitches. Not overwhelming velocity, but good location. Throws his CB well. Maintained good control for 3 innings.

Parker Lagreca (JB Yeager, 2024, C/2B): Good bat. Quick hands and good gap to gap power.

Christian Kiper (2024 Vipers – Christoper, 2024, LHP): Projectable body at 6′, 170 pounds. Strike thrower with typicaly LHP movement. Touches 78 now and could easily add 4-6 MPH.

Will Bittman (Ohio Elite – Oxender, 2023, RHP/C)

Jackson Judy (TNT Knights 17u Black, 2022, RHP): Low 3/4 delivery with arm-side run. Pitches with command and is around the zone.

Jared Kloth (Cincinnati Bombers, 2021, RHP)

Devin Perry (Midwest Nationals, 2022, OF/1B): 6’3″, lean and strong LF/1B. Long HR vs USA Prime Ohio. Tall stance, aggressive attacking style swing. Runs well.

Matt Frye (Ohio Heat, 2023, 2B/RHP): Strong arm, little wild, okay control over breaking ball. needs to improve pickoff move to 1B.

Bryce Perkins (Midland Scouts, 2022)

Alex Davis (Ohio Elite – Oxender, 2023)

Joey Helms (Columbus Cobras, 2023, SS/RHP)

John Mairn (Midland Scouts, 2022)

Luke Banschbach (JB Yeager, 2023, C/2B): Solid catchers stance and has a solid exchange, he has a pop time of 2.25. He allows the ball to travel to him to aid in his exchange, he has quick feet during the exchange process that allows him to deliver the baseball clean and on the bag. Hits from a squared stance in a slight crouch. His swing is appears to be a little long, but I am not sure if it was an off-speed pitch or not. He hit the ball hard to RC.

JalenFowler2024 Vipers – Christopher152023RHP with high energy delivery. Dips into drive leg to “push or jump” off the mound. A consistent driving of the leg into the ground could increase velocity and consistency. He’s a follow guy with a chance to be special in a couple of years.
ChrisHensonAt The Yard Baseball Club152024CExcellent bat, hits for good power. Lots of speed and smart base running. Good pop time, leads the team well from behind the dish. Fields pop ups in the air around the plate well, frames pitches excellently.
RashaardMitchellColumbus Cobras162023CThick Strong kid, Plays linebacker in HS. PopTime 2.12 between inning, In Game 2.28 threw the runner out. has good speed 4.25 Home to 1st time. He recieves well. He has very good footwork and release. He looks the part as a projected next level catcher.
BraydenKrenzelColumbus Cobras Cannon152024RHPFluid mechanics with low 3/4 arm slot. Seems balanced and unde control with his body. I believe more velocity to come as his body matures and gets stronger. Nice power at the plate as 1-hop the fence for a double. Balanced, squared stance. Nice smooth swing.
TYWaltersGem City Throwbacks 2022172022Excellent hitter. 8 for 8 so far in the tournament after 3 games. Good power, great contact, fast. Good glove at 3B, solid all-round player.
GabeBjorkMidwest Nationals1720222BSSLH hitting middle infielder. Has a balanced approach with a short, quick stroke that seems to find the barrell.
JoshLongMidwest Nationals172022RFHits out of slight crouch stance. Stays inside of the baseball well and controls the zone. He likes to hit the ball between the gaps up the middle.
AustinMontzMidwest Nationals172022RHPHe touched 82 on Sunday, sat 77-80. CB: 65-67. Smooth, over the top delivery. Appears to be able to “pitch” and increase in velocity would help his scouting profile.
BrennanGreenOhio Elite – Statzer (2021)162023RHPBig, strong kid still learning how to pitch and use his body. FB: 79-82, CH: 71-74, CB: 67-69. Appears he does not get much out of his lower half. Once he learns that, he could have a very high ceiling.
KodyKellyOhio Heat1620231B3B
CadenBescoOhio Heat162024CCaden Is a tall but talented catcher who is playing up a year on a 16U team. His pop times 2.19 and 2.22 respectively. He has alot of room to grow and has potential, He has solid swings. He could get into his back leg more and he has a tendecey to want to pull outside pitches. He has alot of promise and he is only a 2024 grad. His home to 1st time is 4.52 so he moves well for a catcher.
JakeHamiltonSt Matthews Grays 17U17/182022LHPOF/1BBig physical kid, keeps his hands inside the ball well. 50/50 balance stance, according to his coach he is 6’6″. His coach believe on the mound is where he has his greatest potential. We will need to get the video of him pitching.
TrevorGeddesSt Matthews Grays 17U17/182022LHP1BSlender frame and young looking face. He maybe a late bloomer. He plays first and is an average hitter. His potential could be on the mound. He will be pitching within the next game or two as a starter. he is 6’5″ LHP and 170 do also of room to grow. We need to make sure to video his pitching as well.His dad is 6’3″ wide shouldered stong looking as well. The pitching delivery is just above sidearm, a la Randy Johnson style. His fastball was 75-78 with a 64-65 breaking ball. He has a lot of upside on the pitching side when he repeats his delivery.
LukeSpruellSt Matthews Grays 17U17/182022OFRHPLuke is a tall athletic kid. He has a high ceciling. He has some gap power. He has very good speed for a player his size. Luke is approximately 6’2″ athletic inclined and definetly worth a follow he is raw but really athleticly built. He is Raw but has high upside. He plays centerfield with this team but projects to eventually be a corner outfielder in the future.
DrewBraggTNT Knights 17u Black172022RHPC-INFRHP 80-84 Big body kid that can deveolpment into a solid college pitcher. He had a good feel for his fastball and offspeed. he was able to work both sides of the plate. His delivery is your typical HS straight to the plate delivery. If he had better hip-shoulder seperation and didnt collapse his back side he would see velocity gains quickly.
IsaacSquireUSA Prime Ohio152024P2B/OFHe came in to close out the first game. His FB sat 77-78 and T 79. His slider was flat, but broke late and hard. It was 69-72. He had command issues, but it was raining and was trying to keep using dry baseballs. Would like to follow and see him with good weather. On Sunday, Isaac was 78-81 and went 3 IP, 1 hit, 1 walk, 7 K’s. His slider breaks hard and late.
AaronEnglandUSA Prime Ohio152024P1B/OFSlightly open stance. Closed up on the stride. Good bat speed. Double to RC. On the mound shows good demeanor and fluid mechanics. FB 76-79 T80. Breaking ball was 64-66. Stroke thrower.
TJSelvieUSA Prime Ohio152024C1BStarts with open stance in somewhat of a crouch and then closes it on his stride. Quick bat with a short, compact swing. Legged it infield single. Line drive up the middle next time up. 2.26 pop time between innings. Very athletic and light on his feet behind the dish.
Shelton Jr.HarvilleYard Dawgz15/162025OFP
MasonBirkmeierMidland Scouts172022INFRHP
LlyeytonFlammMidland Scouts17RHPFluid. RH pitching delivery. FB: 81-84, CB: 69-71. Hides the ball well. Has short, quick arm action. Promising pitcher.
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