About Us


From 85 teams in 2006 to over 3600 teams in 2020, over 37,000 teams since our inception, Pastime has become one of the most well-respected tournament hosts in the country. We utilize more college venues than any other host in the country, several that afford exclusive access to Pastime, and have been one of the leading programs in introducing new technologies to improve scouting opportunities for players participating in our events to maximize exposure. We host hundreds of events around the nation each year, with a variety of experiences to consider, including our National Championship events that will see 100+ teams in many cases.

Our Team

Andy Pascoe
National Director
Dylan Horowitz
Director of Events and Operations
Jaret Starnes
Regional Director & National Scouting Coordinator
Abbey Gordon
Director Of Brand Management - Hotel Operations
Charlie Patrick
Director of Events & Operations
Madi Dornseif​
Media Marketing Specialist​


Our primary focus has transformed over the years as we continue to grow with the teams attending our events. Our All Scout events have introduced gamecast coverage, guaranteed scouts at every field and unique player stats/metrics during each event. We are utilizing that information to further promote top performing players from around the country before hand selecting those players to All Tournament teams and awarding invites to our national showcase events. Teams looking to give their players the best chance to play in front of college coaches, on collegiate venues and get that exposure…Pastime is leading that charge.
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