All Scout Selections – University of Louisville – Midwest T.O.C. (June 17-20, 2021)

June 17-20, 2021 - Players of the Week

All players listed below were hand picked by Pastime’s Tier 1 scouts who spend all weekend identifying talent amongst every tournament labeled “All Scout”. Each player that is labeled as a top player of the weekend will receive an invite to the All Scout Championship individual event in August.

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Hunter Vaughn (Vipers Baseball Club, 2024, SS/C): LHH w/ smooth looking swing to all fields. Runs well. Good actions in the field. Works through the ball well and uses his legs with the throw.

Nate Hulen (Indiana Primetime, 2022, C/OF): Does a good job receiving and blocking. At the plate he shows a nice lower half and punishes baseball to the pull side gap. Hit a home run, triple and a double.

Devin Kiebler (Vipers Baseball Club, 2023, OF/2B): Laid down a bunt very quick. Level swing. 3-hole. Plays well out in the outfield. Athletic, takes hacks at the plate. Good balance and level through the zone.

First NameLast NameTeam NameGrad YearPrimary PositionSecondary PositionScout Notes
AustinSuttleMidland Redhawks2021RHPSS6-1, 195 lb, SS/RHP. 60: 7.00, Arm: 83, Exit velo: 90. Maryville commit. Balanced stance, very fundamentally strong swing. Gap-to-gap power. On the mound in the semi against Chi-Town was 86-88 topping 89, SL was 72-75 Plus command
EliGlasscockKentucky Baseball Club PrimeRHPSS5-11, 170 lb, RHP/SS. Athletic frame. On the mound, simple/compact delivery. Live arm with tight breaking ball. Open stance with long stride and explosive hands. Ball jumps off the barrel.
TrevorGoodwinMidAmerican Missfits20211BRHPBig, strong kid with powerful swing. He hit 2 HR on Thursday. IU Southeast game.
GavinSundermanMidland Redhawks2021CRHP6′, 195 lb, RHP. Wabash Valley commit. High 3/4 arm slot. Touches mid 80’s with easy, smooth delivery. Will be upper 80’s soon.
NicholasMitchellIndiana Expos National 17U2021CFRHP5-8; 160 pound, L/R, runs very well. Strong arm in OF. 60: 6.59; Arm: 87; Exit Velocity: 96. Pitched last inning. Very quick 3.82 down the line on a drag attempt. Kid hit 3 Hr’s too. He is the real deal. Fast, athletic and has power in addition to being a guy that can spray the ball around the park. In OF covers a lot of ground
ZionRoseChi-Town Cream2023COFGood RHH swing, 4.35 Down the line on a ground ball to the 2b. Good level through the zone. Playing up for this team. Committed to Louisville.
BlaneMetzRawlings Tigers Bruner/Strong2025RHPOFRHP decent sized frame for a 14U. Arm works well. A lot more in the tank a good direction on the mound. Good connection as well. FB pretty straight but works down in the zone. Good looking CB sharp late break that falls off the table. One to follow for theis class
EliBurwashKBC Prime2021SSOFPlus plus defender at SS, makes a lot of difficult plays look routine. At the plate uses a good leverage and speed with bunts and drives balls all over the field.
JacksonTielkerIndiana Mustangs – Ambs20251BLHPLHH who has a good set up and balance in his swing. Pretty good sized 14 year old kid. Turned on a ball which ended up being a inside the park homerun. Hit a ball off the top of th wall down the line for a 2B too Kid gets stronger could be a good ballplayer. At 1B very athletic large target at 1B. Good soft hands on picks.
PeytonYoungVipers Baseball Club – Newton 2023 16U2023OFLHPL/L speedy outfielder, can play any OF position. Really like the approach at the plate. Very advanced, has a clue. Lined out multiple times. Has very good load and balance. Level through the zone. Will be a very good get for someone. Has a lot of speed too tracks a ton in the outfield. Very solid player
TateVanhooserRazorback Baseball 18U20211B3BMore of a 1B than a 3B. Very strong and balanced setup. Quick bat and very good extension through the zone. Ball jumps when connected. Definetly a name to watch after he gets done at Rend Lake.
DerekLebronPrimetime Baseball 17URHP3BAthletic stance and very quick to the ball. Ball jumps off his bat when it is barrelled up. Drove HR to LF at Hanover College where on 2 HR’s were hit today. Continues to hit well at McCanldes hit a ball to LCF for a double. Very easy setup and balanced. RHP 81-83 top 4, SL 70-71. Looks to be a max effort guy falls off the rubber a bit
BlakeHerrmannRazorback Baseball 18U2021OF2BDecent frame OF 5’11 170. Very level swing where the ball jumps off bat. Uses his speed well in the OF. Is an evansville commit. With added strenght and weight will be a big time player
FosterSeitzBananas Scout2021SS2BUncommitted Middle guy who is pitching for the bannas. He was 81-83 topped at 88 with good late life on the ball. Sweeping like CB that fell off the table. Not a pitcher but for sure looks like one. Interested to see in the middle of the field tomorrow
SamGladdPrimetime Baseball 17U2022C1BBalanced, athletic stance. Drove the ball to the RC fence for a double. Gets good extension after contact and drives the ball extremely well. Just turned on a ball at McCandles to the RF wall too. Little light defensively. But swing is there. Has some major pop. Long home run on Saturday.
ReedMarcumRazorback Baseball 18U2021C1BGood Framed catcher. Going to Belmont Abby. Decent behind plate. Good level swing through the zone. Struggles with some velocity at times on the inner half. Decent batspeed. Kid to look into following
LukeMcLaughlinSluggers Baseball Club 17/182021RHP1BGood Stance and balance in the box. Has good leverage strong and powerful swing. Going to IUS. Pretty solid in the field too at 1B. Big target there. On the Mound sitting 85-87, max effort guy, falls off a bit but throws firm. SL is plus plus pitch with swing and miss type of stuff.
HunterCookVipers Baseball Club – Newton 2023 16U20232BGood bat speed for 2023 kid. He can really run as shown on his triple to CF. IF reactions look clean and confident. Nice diving play on line drive up the middle. Liking this kid more and more can really play up the middle. Good transfer on 2B play ball at McCandless. Does a good job
XavierSollaChi-Town Cream2BGood looking body quick in the field. Decent arm at 2B. Going to El Paso CC. Level swing through the sone guy we may want to follow up with.
ClayBadylakMidland Redhawks20213BSlight crouch with nice, smooth LH swing. Generates good bat speed. HIts the ball hard from line to line. Good swing, hit a 3B at UL. Plus arm at 3B. Kid can really play. Frontier CC commit
JakeLarsonChi-Town Cream3BGood sized 3B, looks to be the part with solid actions. Strong arm across the diamond. At the plate has a balanced set up with a quiet load and the ball explodes of the bat. Committed to Minnesota. Just continues to hit and hit! Love the glove on the kid too. Kids the real deal. Updating to blue
ZanderBuchanChi-Town Cream2022CStud STUD catcher. Very well behind the plate Recieving and Blocking. At the plate is a switch hitter with plus plus pop from both sides of the plate. Hit a HR to straight away CF from the left side of the plate. Committed to University of South Carolina.
StevenWalshIndiana Expos National 17U2022CBig, strong catcher. 101 MPH exit velocity according to PBR. Nice catcher frame. Receives and blocks well. Very good catcher, in addition Balanced stance with good, quick load. Nice bat speed.
JakeBennettRazorback Baseball 18U2022CBellermaine Recruit. Good Catch Throw guy behind the plate. He is pretty solid level setup at the plate with good pop and extension. Can work on some more flexibility in his stance behind the plate. Just keeps hitting and hitting and hitting. Kids a stud!
EvanHartVipers Baseball Club – Newton 2023 16U2023LHPLHP Solid frame long loose delivery. 80-83, Good SL 66-68 has a good feel to pitch. Has a tendency to miss a little bit arm side gets downhill and fires the ball well. Slider has a good shape and can throw it for a stirke as well as throw it for the swing and miss pitch. For sure follow for 2023.
LucasLitteralRazorback Baseball 18U2021LHP6-3, 160 lb LHP. Long, lanky lefty with nice over the top arm action. Big time upside with his frame and expected added velocity with added maturity and strength. Breaking ball has downward action to it.
JudsonIndiana Mustangs – Shirley2025LHPLean LHP that pounds the zone with strikes. Keeps hitters off balance with a solid change up to go along with a low to mid 70’s fastball. Understands how to pitch. At the plate pretty level throough the zone and has some pop.
JackNelsonIndiana Longnecks2021LHPLHP very projectable arm. Arm gets a little stiff but things work well. CB is very sharp. Shows good feel holding runners will be very good arm.
SamThompsonRazorback Baseball 18U2021LHPLHP good frame 6’2 180. Ball comes out of his hand well. Plus Plus Breaking ball. Fastball jumps out of hand and has a good late life with 2-seamer. Ball runs a good amount on the FB too. Marshall Commit
CarsonMyersKBC PrimeLHPLHP, UAB commit, plus command of 3 plus pitches. Fastball is lively where it gets on hitters quick even only being mid 80’s. Wipeout slider with swing and miss ability while the ability to throw it for a strike too. Above avg CH still a work in progress pitch but getting more comfortable with it. Plus pickoff move.
SladeDouthettRazorback Baseball 18U2021MIFEKU commit undersized middle infielder but can really swing it. Good level approach. Nice strong swing. Probably be a 2B in college but can play.
GevarHarrisRawlings Tigers Bruner/Strong2025OFSmooth LHH swing! Plus plus bat speed at the level. Hit a triple at Vol, has plus speed around the bases. Kid can fly. Decent in the outfield. Take a look might be a guy who can really run and continue to move up the ladder
GrantMillerMidland Redhawks2021OFVery good player. 2-Hole guy. Doesn’t jump off the charts but does everything right. Is a great baseball guy. Plays hard! Like the way he plays Ball State Commit. Love the way he plays hard a ton!
RaoulFabianChi-Town CreamRFLong Beach State commit. Very solid balanced stance out. Good leverage and shows good power to all fields. Kid that can really flat out play the game.
JordanLewis3BC HALOS2024RHPRHP decent mechanics have a tendancy to fall off to the left side but arm works and mixed in some solid offspeed to keep hitters off balance. Again 73-76 in bracket play.
EvanOakleyAll-Stars Baseball ClubRHPRHP Good sized and framed uncommitted. Ball comes out nice and clean with some ASR to the FB. SL late sharp break, 10-4 out of the hand. Can throw for a strike and can bury it.
BenTedescoIndiana Expos National 17U2022RHP6-6, 205 lb, RHP. Throws a lot of strikes. Delivery is smooth and effortless. Lot more in the tank with him.
AJRineboldPrimetime Baseball 17U2022RHP6-3, 165 lb, RHP. Clean delivery. Velo should climb with physical strength and maturity. Plus breaking ball.
CarsonEstridgeChi-Town Cream2022RHPRHP 6’7″ 200 tall lanky loose arm very clean arm delivery. FB 86-89 topped 90. CB 12/6 little loopy 71-72. But kid can pitch. West Virginia Commit
DrewLanningHits presents Yall’s Elite2022RHPPitching again at UL Saturday. Is 80-81, decent offspeed.
TateMullinsPrimetime Baseball 17U2022RHPGood sized RHP loose easy arm action. Ball comes out very clean and efficent. Breaking ball has decent break to it. Can continue to develop down the line with growing into his body. At the plate good balanced setup and good leverage. Uses his long leverage to get good extension on pitches. Just missed a ball to CF.
DaltonShortBananas Scout2021RHPRHP good frame whose a patomic state cc commit. Works very well and efficent with a electric arm action and great direction down the mound. Firm FB with some late ASR. SL was a tight late sharp break firm 77-8. Kid is a dude too competior and looks to compete
ZachNehlsonIndiana Longnecks2021RHPVery athletic looking pitcher for the Longnecks. Also swings well from the right side of the plate. Was mid 80’s and topped out at 87. Breaking ball was a sharp 12/6 like. At the plate started with a balanced setup and easy load. Hands jumped at the ball and drove it for a single. Lincoln Trail commit
ChrisAdamsIndiana Longnecks2021RHPMarian commit. Good frame solid mechanics. Arm works well. Needs a little bit better seperation to gain some more velocity. Falls off mound but looks very solid.
DylanBernardMidland Redhawks2021RHP6-6, 220 pound, Shawnee State commit, RHP. Ball seems to jump out of his hand. Clean delivery with late life on his FB.
EstepIndiana Mustangs – Shirley2025SSPlus plus actions for a 14u kid at SS works thru the ball well. Understands a sense of time too slow runner vs fast runner. Pretty solid arm across the diamond. Made 2 plays with ease on the run.
BryanRinconChi-Town Cream2022SSSmooth looking athletic SS. Plus actions in the middle has a plus arm too. Good looking swing from the right side of the plate. Supposedly a switch hitter. Doesn’t have the most pop but the potential is there. has tools to be a good ballplayer at the next level.
JaxsonDavisKBC PrimeSitting on the mound right now at Spalding FB 87-90, SL at 80-81, Spotting the FB up well. Little long in the delivery. However the ball comes out smooth. At the plate really nice looking swing gets good leverage into legs and drives the ball to all fields
JakeGregorVipers Baseball Club – Newton 2023 16U2024Nice 3/4 delivery with efficient, effortless arm acton. He creates nice velocity for a 2024 kid. He throws a lot of strikes. Relaxed, squared stance. Nice, rhythmic hand load and explosive bat speed on the swing
TYWaltersGem City Throwbacks 20222022Plus plus pop in the bat, hit an opposite field HR in a game. Big time frame. Projects to me as a corner guy at the next level in the field. Need to see on the mound. Feel like he could be a legit 2-way player anywhere. Love the swing, stays through the middle of the field. Guy is a player!
LoganNagleCangelosi Sparks2025Good sized 14 year old. Hit a double at Patterson 337. Ball jumps off bat. Hit another ball that was 85 exit velocity off the bat
jaxsontresenriter309 Elite Baseball 20252025RHP power arm at age 14. Up to 84 MPH on the mound. Good frame for sure a good follow at this age to get in.
CashAlveyCanes 14u2025Good looking LHH at this age. Hit a 3B and inside the park HR at Vol. Level through the zone and gets good extension on the ball.
DanielTerrazasKBA 17u/18u2022Big bodied athlete. Sweet LH swing. Ball exploded off of his bat for a long HR ro RF.
NickSandulloRazorback Baseball 18U2022Good looking LHP. Not overpowering, but looks good but has plus plus curveball. Can throw it for a strike and also throw it for a swing and miss. Would be able to get more velocity too.
MaxCookerlyIndiana Longnecks2021Solid framed corner outfielder with a good amount of pop in bat. Hit a 3B in the right center gap. Look for him to continue to progress.
HunterStrongMidAmerican Missfits2021Very good C behind the plate does a good job receiving, and managing the pitching staff. At the plate decent swing with some decent power numbers. Had a good swing on breaking ball. Projectable catcher.
JakeGulleyMidland Redhawks2021Legit arm coming off an injury, seen him up to 91. Today FB was sitting 84-87, straight fastball though. Currently uncommitted. CB is more of a 12/6 like break. Good break on it.
MaddoxPenningtonMidland Redhawks2021Good little leadoff hitters. Smaller framed looks to spray the ball all fields. Singles guy but runs well. Guy to watch. Just hosed someone more and more i like him.
TylerHutsonRazorback Baseball 18U2021Long loose arm, good grame arm works well. Velo will jump with added strength. Breaking ball is 12/6. Looks to develop well. Good direction on the mound arm is really loose.
QPhillipsChi-Town CreamKid that can flat out fly. Didn’t make much solid contact but ran really well. Michigan commit. At the plate has a pretty balanced setup and uses his good leverage to utilize the whole field.
MiguelHugasChi-Town CreamReally good loose RHP with Sink, good framed pitcher. Ball has a lot of life. Slider has a late break and late sharp sink to it. Still a lot of maturity to do. I feel like he can use his lower half more and get more out of it. Max effort. Also has a CB and Ch that are both plus pitches Kids a beast!
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