All Scout Selections – University of Minnesota – The Great Lakes All Prospect Select (June 24-27, 2021)

June 24-27, 2021 - Players of the Week

All players listed below were hand picked by Pastime’s Tier 1 scouts who spend all weekend identifying talent amongst every tournament labeled “All Scout”. Each player that is labeled as a top player of the weekend will receive an invite to the All Scout Championship individual event in August.

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First NameLast NameTeam NameGrad YearPrimary PositionSecondary PositionNotes
KolePaulsenDuluth Diamond Jaxx2022CRHP2.28 pop time
NolanDumonceaux15u MN Icemen Babcock2024A young athletic catcher. Who receives and blocks well. He has a solid arm. that will continue to improve over time.
AbrahamMaurerCBT 15U Black2024CAbraham showed his quick release with an in game pop time of 2.10, on the bag, he had another pop time in game of 2.31. He is a young player that needs to get his footwork to become consistent.
BlakeMarksHTP 15U Raptors2024RHPBlake fastball is coming out of his hand well. His ball is getting on top of hitters quickly. His over the top deliver and downward is making it hard on hitters to square the ball.
SawyerDeeringCBT 15U Black2025RHPLoose arm action, He has a smooth easy release and their is late life on his fastball.
EricCharestComplete Game2022RHPEric is able to locate his fastball in out, up, and down. He has command and he is attacking the hitter weaknesses. He has a firm fastball and has next level potential.
WillKentMinnesota Starters 17U – Red2022RHPKent has a high leg kick and hinges in his delivery well.He does an excellent job of keeping the ball down in the zone. He mixes pitches well and it tough to pick up. His arm is loose and has good whip.
JoeyMalechaHTP 17U Red Raptors2022RHPMalecha, as a hitter loads into his back hip well as the pitches is coming toward the plate.His hands are high in his load but gets them into a good hitting position as the pitch is being delivered. He releases his hand at foot strike and does a great job extending through contact. On the mound Malecha has a clean deliver. He does a great job of keeping is delivery simple. This allows him to stay smooth and throw strikes. His FB tops at 83 and his off speed is 68-70
DayneMcNaughtonMinnesota Starters 17U – Red2022McNaughton He does an excellent job of walking his hands back and timing it with his lower half and front foot strike. He has good gap power and has good athleticism. He would have more pop if he were to get into his back side a little more.
MilesKayP2P Millers – Boxwell2023RHPMiles keeps his change-up low. He uses and over the top arm angle. He also tends to pull his frontside early sometimes making it difficult to get on top of the ball consistently. He has good potential as he continues to develop.
MitchBroadheadSilver Sluggers 16U White2023CMitch is a strong catcher behind the plate. Has a strong arm and as he matures he will get better. Especially becoming lighter on his feet and working on his transitions.
OliverStevensonP2P Millers – Larson2023PITCHEROliver is a RHH with a high leg kick and a long load. he can generate power as long as he consistently gets his front foot down on time. Once his hands get going he can generate the whip needed to create bat speed.
IanGeorgeHTP 15U Raptors2023CPop time 2.38 A strong kid with gap power. Ian has a smooth consistent swing. He keeps his hands back enough that even when fooled or not on time he can still make solid contact.
AlexWieczorekMASH 15U Lindstrom2024OFQuick wrist and swings the bat well. He has some pop and potential power.
KadenRussoEau Claire A’s 15U Blue2024RHPRusso, has a firm fastball for a 2024 Grad. He also has pitch ability. He displays quick arm action and has upside to continue to develop and grow on the mound.
StephenPaulsenSilver Sluggers 17u2022CStephen had a pop time of 2.25. He is a solid blocker behind the plate. He threw out 3 runners in one game. He could improve receiving and being strong on sticking pitches
ThomasBurnsCBT 16U2023RHPThomas has a smooth clean delivery. His arm is loose with the potential to continue add more velo. he currently touches 85. he is a good athlete.
JacobDeutschman17u MN Icemen Easley2022SS
CarterViethEau Claire A’s 15U Blue2024
JakeQuinnHTP 15U Raptors2024RHP
TylerHoneycuttHTP 17U Red Raptors2022
NolanStepkaHTP 17U Red Raptors20223B
DrewKocerMASH 15U Harris/Kroger2024LHP
DanZangMN Starters – 17U White2022
JaredFearingP2P Millers- HoffmannMid InfRHP
EbynLaForestVelocity Baseball2024C

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