All Scout Selections – 16U National Championship – University of Louisville (June 30-July 4, 2021)

June 30-July 4, 2021 - Players of the Week

All players listed below were hand picked by Pastime’s Tier 1 scouts who spend all weekend identifying talent amongst every tournament labeled “All Scout”. Each player that is labeled as a top player of the weekend will receive an invite to the All Scout Championship individual event in August.

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First NameLast NameTeam NameGrad YearPrimary PositionSecondary PositionNotesScout Notes
ConnorFugateKBC 16U Prime2023RHP87-90fb // RHP, +mechanics, slow gather/ load to aggressive lower half drive with whippy quick arm action, Ball explodes out of hand. good armside movement, +mech // 83-85/73-75Connor, one of the harder throwing pitchers from the weekend, sat between 87-90mph with his fastball from the right side. A smooth, slow leg lift is followed by a high intent lower half drive with quick whippy arm action that produces plus movement.
DrewTitsworthMichigan Blue Jays – Dishman2023RHPRHP, XL thick frame, +smooth mech, consistent delivery, 92-94, CB 76-77 // 89-92 next day,Drew was fun to watch over the weekend. Throwing from the right side, Drew used his large and thick frame to pump his fastball up to 94mph. Although Drew lit up the radar gun for two days, he did so with a smooth and easy delivery.
CooperMooreOKPWP 16U- Frazier2023RHPCM ATH frame, RHH, ++swing, walkoff grandslam “88-90 on mound per coach” // 85-88, CB 73-74, L ATH build, simple + mech, +straight to downhill, +follow throughIt’s no question whether or not Cooper can play ball after this weekend. Showing a very mechanically sound swing to hit a walk off homerun for his team over the weekend. On the mound, Cooper spotted up an 88mph fastball from the right side with high level mechanics including a very solid follow through. With a large athletic build, Cooper is a player to watch going forward.
WilLibbertWarriors Baseball Club 16U2023RFLHPLHP FB 87-88 SL 76 nasty CH 77-79. Has struck out the first 6 batters // 10 Ks through 4, no hits allowed only an error by the defense // 2 more Ks in the 5th after the other teams cleanup tried to bunt lol, still sitting 85-86 throwing all 3 pitches for strikes, Struck out the side in the 6th sitting at 88, finishes with 18 Ks. Touched 89 twice in the 7th. Final stat line 7 IP 18 Ks 1 BB 1 EROne of the most dominant pitchers from the weekend, Wil posted a final stat line of 7 innings pitched with 18 strikeouts while only allowing 1 walk. Running his fastball up to 89mph from the left side, was stiill touching high velo numbers into the 7th. Maybe the best attribute that Wil showed was his confidence to through his changeup in mulitple counts with command.
KamDurninWarriors Baseball Club 16U2023SScrushed a triple down the right field line flew 340//RHH, +swing, +quick hands // +defedner at SS, doesnt rush, ++fundementals // 86-87 cb 69-72 // +arm action, +intent all around ++ mech // 375 ft ground rule double //Kam showed a tremendous ability to hit over the weekend. With very fast hands and ability to stay through the ball, Kam hit for power to all fields. A solid defensemen who played shortsop for the tournament champs, Kam showed soft hands and good footwork. Showed his arm strenght and ability to pitch on the mound with a fastball that he ran up to 87mph with good arm action, intent, and overall smooth mechanics.
EthanBagwell16U Extreme Elite National2024RHPOFFB 85-87 CH 73-74 CB 68-69 // RHP, +lower half drive, some command issues (charger) // consistent thru lift and drive, inconsistent with finish, doesnt get great extension, +futureEthan sat between 85-87mph with his fastball from the right side. A strong lower half drive mixed with good arm action, Ethan has a high ceiling. Showing off a three pitch mix over the weekend, sitting 73-74mph with his changeup and 68-70mph with his curveball.
BishopLetsonRawlings Tigers 2023 ScoutRHPT long RHP 85-87, CB 70-72, CH 76-78 // first hit bottom 4, now he’s through 4 with 0 runs and 1 hit // 1 hit the DbacksBishop is a tall and long right handed pitcher who pitched a 1 hit game over the weekend. He showed a three pitch mix, sitting between 85-87mph with his fastball.
NoahWathenRawlings Tigers 2023 ScoutLHP1BFB 80-82 CB 66-68. Struggles to throw strikes // LHP, +mech, +drive // LHH, +swing, can go other way, multiple good swings on balls, 92EV off batNoah on the mound is a left handed pitcher who possesses good pitching mechanics including a strong leg drive; His fastball sat in the low 80s. At the plate, the lefty made solid contact all weekend including a 92 exit velo line drive up the middle. Noah’s swing can cover the plate which allows him to hit to all fields.
ColeSimsCommonwealth 16U Grays Black2023RHP3BLHH +pop, smooth powerful swing, pimped homerun to RF. L strong bod, quick twitch, +ATH // RBI double down LF line, easy oppo popSims has a very sweet lefty swing which he put on display this weekend with muliple hits including a no doubt homerun to right field. A good sized frame with a strong and atheltic build, Cole has easy pop to all fields with a quick twitch swing, and seems to run well.
ScottKendrickCommonwealth ExpressRHH, ATH +swing, quick out of the bat, 2-2, flat barrel finder, short compact swing, gets foot down “early” +load and patienceScott is a good athlete with a composed presence in the box. he swings a fast flat bat through the zone which cought multiple barrels over the weekend. A right handed hitter, Scott has a short compact swing and a balanced early load. Another thing that was noticed was his patience to let the ball travel which allowed hiim to square balls the other way.
CarsonMullenDbacks Avery2022Diving catch // S skinny frame, 80-83 fb, 70-72 cb, fb has life/mvnt // +ATH, +++future grade, // Topped 85. finished 5 IP, 6 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 7 KCarson is someone to keep an eye out for as he continues to mature physically. A smaller framed athlete that can run his fastball up to 85mph from the right side with upside mechanics. He showed a fastball that had good armside run. Posted an impressive statline which included 5 innings pitched with 7 strike outs and 1 walk. Carson showed his athleticsm in the field with a divng catch.
LiamKarryDbacks Avery2022C: L strong build, 2.03 btween inning pop, “can swing it” // double off the wallOne of the better catchers from over ther weekend, Liam, a large strong-looking athlete, showed his skill behind the dish with a 2.03 pop time betwen innings. At the plate, Liam had multiple hard hits over the weekend with a well balanced swing.
OwenAveryDbacks Avery202286-88, CB 76, RHP. XL frame, strong delivery, heavy fb, +intent and follow thru, 2 offspeed thru3 innings, dominant w fb // RHH, thick frame, hits ball hard the other way, 2 rbi singleOwen is a right handed pitcher who has an athletic, tall, thick body. Possessing a strong delivery with good intent, Owen sat 86-88mph with his fastball and 76mph with his curveball. Owen showed off his athleticism at the plate with multiple hard hits to all fields.
AnthonyBarnesDemand Command Toledo Fischer2023FB 79-82 SL 66-69 , RHP, +mech, +arm action, Smooth mech, uses lower half well. // RHP, good side view mech, +ext, +drive // 79-81 T83 CB 68-70 struck out 5 in 2 innings. // 15Ks through 6 (7 IP 0 R 16 K 4 H 2 BB)Anthony has smooth mechanics as a right handed pitcher. Getting good extenion down the mound with good arm action, Anthony struck out 15 through 6 innings pitched allowing no runs. Fastball was up to 82mph with armside run.
JPWagnerDemand Command Toledo Fischer2003LHH, long L ATH body, +swing, can go other way // 2 run triple // played SS // RBI single // simple swing, efficent swing path. // HR, smooth lefty swing, comfortable in the box,A left swinging middle infielder, JP was a fun player to watch over the weekend. Showing off a confident yet simple swing, JP stays long through the zone with a fast bat. He had multiple extra base hits to multiple fields.
GabeJonesDetroit Metro Stars 16U Red2023RHPFB 81-84 T85 CB 65-68 // +cb, ++ATH frame, good 2 pitch mix, +mech+ online balance // challanges hitters w off speed, +CHGabe took advantage of his oppurtunty this weekend showing a dominant outing where he effectively used his offspeed to keep hitters off balance. Running his fastball up to 85mph, Gabe has an atheltic frame and shows high level pitching mechanics.
MatthewFountainDetroit Metro Stars 16U Red2022RHP T lanky 75-77, 6-6 LHH, ropes single up middle, +swing, simple hands right to the ball, stays thru and inside // deep center barrelled, “beautiful swing”Standing at 6-6, Matthew is a monster in the box. With a super smooth lefty swing, it is easy to notice Matthew as a standout athlete. Matthew does a good job of staying through the ball and keeping his hands inside allowing him to consistently barrel baseball up the middle of the field.
ElijahDealcaDetroit Metro Stars 16U Red2022LHH, Ath stance, +hands, +speed, “great quick swing” // 3.47 steal time // oppo doubleThe biggest attribute that we saw from Elijah over the weekend was his pure athleticism mixed with a quick yet powerful swing. A left handed hitter who was able to hit for power to the opposite gap this weekend also showed his speed with a 3.47 steal time.
RaymondSaatmanKBC 16U Prime2023RHP, slow controlled leg lift to violent intent follow through, +mech, FB 83-86. TOP 88. CB 65-68. SL 70-73. Dominating through 3.A right handed pitcher, Raymond showed some dominant innings over the weekend. A slow controlled leg lift to violent drive with high intent, Raymond showed a three pitch mix, running his fastball up to 88mph.
BlakeHauensteinLake Erie Tritons 16u Scout2023FB 84-85 RHP, “shoving”, big leg kick, long reach, whippy arm action, +armside mvmnt.Blake possesses upside pitching mechanics from the right side. Sitting in the mid 80s with his fastball with armside run, Blake has a high leg kick, hides ball well with a long reach before driving with whippy arm action.
CamKurninLegacy Baseball – Theisen2022FB 80-82 T84 SL 72-75 RHP Tall long frame, uses length to advantage, gets +extension w +mech. +upside velo // “6 up 6 down so far, pumping the zone and working quick. Still 80-82” // works really quick, is conscious of his tempo // CG 7 IP, 4 H, 1 R, 0 BB, 11 K
93 pitches – 73 strikes
A right handed pitcher, Cam showed some dominant innings from the weekend, posting a complete game 1 run game which he had 11 strike outs. Cam possesses high level pitching mechanics and threw his fastball up to 84mph. Cam frusterated hitters by being very conscious of his tempo, and also having a high ability to pound the zone (73 of 94 pitches).
BrennanParachekLegacy Baseball – Theisen2023RHH XL body, +pop // 6-7 245 // +ATH for size, runs well for size, triple to RC gap, +swing, +through ballBrennen is a monster athlete standing 6-7 240+ pounds. He showed high levels of athelticism for his size, and showed off a strong bat over the weekend. Brennen had loud noticable pop off the bat and his ability to stay through the ball allowed him to go to all fields with power including a triple to right center.
MichaelMurphyMason Monarchs 16U2023RHH, 2rbi 2b, +swing // rbi double +swing, smooth easy swing, RHP, +mech, 3/4 arm slot, ++mvnt on fb, +online, 79-81 w run, 71-73 Slurve // +SLV +tight break, (up to 87 apparently) +cmnd w Slurve,From the right side of the plate Michael showed off a smooth and easy swing which he put to use with multiple extra base hits over the weekend. On the mound, Michael has good mechanics with a smooth 3/4 arm slot delivery. Getting good movement on his fastball, Michael got it up to 81 mph. He overlayed his fastball well with a tight slurve which he located well at 73 mph.
CalebBallerMichigan Blue Jays – Henseler2023homerun // RHH, quiet in the box, little pre pitch mvmnt, +swing speed // mulitple hits, triple away from cylce, hits ball where its pitchedCaleb Baller showed his ability to hit over the weekend by hitting for average as well as power. A quiet hitter in the box, Caleb has a little pre-pitch movement before showing plus wing speed. A good hitter, Caleb did a good job of hitting the ball where it was pitched and taking everything he could get.
GannonGrundmanMichigan Bulls – Guenther2023LHP, FB 82-84 CB 69 CH 71-74. +command w all pitches, +mechanics. long body, low hands sep, +drive, +balance on delivery, good horizontal mvmnt on SL, tight break. 1.15-1.3 tt1 // SO 7 in 2.2, Fb up tp 87, +entensionGannon was dominant on the mound this weekend with a three pitch mix with high level ability to command his offspeed. A long body with upside mechanics, Gannon also possesses a powerful drive off the mound from a balanced lift. Fastball was up to 87mph with armside run, and a very tight slider that ran up to 70mph. Had a moment over the weekend where he struck out 7 through 2.2 innings pitched.
GuzmanNYC Rising Stars EliteLHH simple swing, +ATH // multiple hits // smooth lefty swing, SS, smokes balls up the middle, hands right to ball efficient swing // another single, made nice diving play at SS // nice backhand play, +defense range // multiple hitsGuzman showed off a smooth simple lefty swing which produced hit after hit this weekend. With a very efficient hand path to the ball, he stayed through the middle much of the weekend posting multiple hit games. As a shortstop, Guzman showed his range and athelticism with a nice diving play followed by a smooth back hand play.
CameronTillyOhio Elite – Oxender2023RHP +mech, +smooth, looks pretty effortless,FB 86-89 SL 72-74 CH 76-78. All his pitches are eliteCameron, a right handed pitcher showed smooth mechanics over the weekend throwing his fastball up to 89mph with an effortless motion. He showed a high ability to command his slider (72-74) and his changeup (76-78).
NolanKrekelerOhio Elite – Statzer (2021)2023Kid can swing it. Second double for him today. Has caught the eye of a Bellarmine coach here // LHH ++smooth, +otherway pwr // oppo HR, slightly open stance, simple step and swingNolan has a very pretty left handed swing. Showing off his power and ability to hit, Nolan had extra base hits all over the field including an opposite field homerun.
JackWilliamsOKPWP 16U- Frazier20236-4 210, RHH, +swing speed, looks very comfortable in the box, waits for his pitch, finds barrels, +speedJack is a 6-4 210 pound right handed hitter who looks very comfortable in the box. Over the weekend, he stayed patience waiting for his pitch, and found multiple barrels. Jack ran well for his size and appears to be a tremenous athlete.
AidanO’MalleyOKPWP 16U- Frazier2023C: 2.1 in game pop for an out, +throwing down to second mechanics, +arm, good sze, thick kid, big strong ath loooking kidAiden showed good skill behind the plate this weekend including an impressive 2.1 in game pop time to get the runner. With a thick strong build, Cooper moved well behind the dish and blocked and framed well.
DawsonHallShock Baseball Club2022RHP 82-85, CH 77-79, CB 71-75 // tall skinny L frame, locked velo and ability, +future grade // “struggled w comand in first”, +arm action, disengaged lower half // T88 (up to 90 apparently) // good 12-6 break on CB, tight breakDawson, a right handed pitcher, threw his fastball between 82-85mph and touching 89mph, with a curveball which he threw up to 75mph. His curveball had tight 12-6 break and dropped off the table well. Showing raw pitching mechanics from a tall skinny frame, Dawson will be someone to watch as he unlocks more and more velo as his mechanics get sharper.
JakeHeldSouthwest Oakland Warriors2022FB 82-86 CB 68-72 CH 72-74 // 7IP 1 R // +ultcommand (effective use of elevated fastball) // +mech, +intent, +balance, repeatable motion, +overlay // 85 into the 7thJake showed ultimate command on the mound over the weekend with a three pitch mix (FB topping at 86, CB 72, CH 73) including an effective use of the elevated fastball. Jake has very goo mechanics, with a very repeatable motion which inlcudes a strong drive with high intent.
GavinDevooghtSouthwest Oakland Warriors2023RHH, L body, quiet in the box w hands ready to fire, flat quick bat through the zone produces +pop // double over CF head “can swing it” // 2 rbi double // RHP 8-82, cb 74-76, +mech, +online, +drive, hvy fastball, easy veloGavin is quiet in the box with hands that are ready to fire. He swings a flat fast bat through the zone which found mulitple barrels for exta base hits over the weekend.
jacksonsleeperSWA STORM2022RHP FB 78-83
SL 70-72
Smooth motion and velo comes easy, +mech, +online, overtop motion // can mix offspeed, ++ command // 6 IP, 3 H, 1 ER, 1 BB, 4 K
75 pitches – 52 strikes // 82-83 72-73
Jackson showed smooth mechanics from the right side. Sitting 82-83 mph with his fastball, Jackson overlayed his offspeed very nicely showing an ability to command all of his pitches. Showed plus command in his outing throwing 52 of 75 pitches for a strike.
MichaelGlaserTCR Gold2023RHP, +mechanics, +intent, need velo numbers! heavy fb w arm side run // 83-86, cb 70-74 // slow smooth lift to drive, smooth, XL frame, +future velo. charges a littleA right handed pitcher with lots of future potential, Micheal has a large frame which he already uses to reach 86mph with a heavy running fastball. Smooth upside mechanics give Michael a solid base to continue to add velocity to his pitches.
CalebOligschlaegerWarriors Baseball Club 16U2023SP, OFFB 85-87 top 88 // tight Sl and CB, +ult command, SL 74-76, Cb 70-72, breaking ball any count // +confidence, +mech, +overlayCaleb topped his fastball at 88mph. What really stood out to scouts over the weekend was his ability to throw his 76mph slider and 72mph curveball in any count. Looks confident on the mound and pitches like it.
BradenHemmerWarriors Baseball Club 16U20231BRHP ATH frame, 84-87, CB 75-77 w tight spin and good moevement. +mechanics, very fluid gather to lauch // + CB very tight, SLURVE // RHH simple swing, quick hands, caught up tp inside pitch for hard hit single // 86-87 Cb 71-74Braden, a right handed pitcher with an athletic frame, ran his fastball up to 87mph which he overlayed nicely with a 77mph slurve which had tight spin and good movement. Showed a fluid gather to lauch from the mound.
CannonStuckeyWarriors Baseball Club 16U2023CC : thick ATH L frame, well put together physically, “best defender behind dish”Cannon caught the eyes of scouts over the weekend with his skills behind the plate. A thick and athletic looking catcher with a large frame was debated as being one of better defendeing catchers of the weekend.
ElijahGrantFlorida HeatLHH, S thick build, +swing, +++speed, 3.59 steal time, ++ATHElijah is a left handed hitter who has a smaller frame but can run and is visibly a gifted athlete. Posted a 3.59 steal time.
IsaacTenczaCBC Xpress Blue2023Coppo homerun on wednesday // L strong looking body, simple swing finds barrels // C: +block, +ATH, block from multiple set ups // ++ATH throws runner from knees (2.3 in game pop on bag out by stepsAn athletic catcher who can hit, Isaac showed a simple swing which found many barrels over the weekend. With a large frame, Isaac controlled the ball from behind the dish well with his abilty to block and frame at a high level. Showed off his atheticism on one play inparticular where he threw a stealing runner from his knees with a 2.3 pop time that was right on the bag.
LoganGeggus16U Extreme Elite National2023LHH very easy smooth swing, RBI double pullside
JDHutton16U Extreme Elite National2023RHH L, double to pullside gap, + swing, +thru ball
DylanMannino16U Extreme Elite National2023RHP. 79-81 T83. Has thrown no offspeed. Struggling to find the zone, +mech, // RHH,
DariusCompton16u Indiana Braves Coughlan202372-75 . With a decent change at 61-63 . Slight run on fastball // +smooth +mech, L frame, +future, good extenion, good run
Ryan ?Indiana BravesC +blocking, moves effiecnt w big frame, works hard
BysonArthur16U NC Bruins2023RHH, +swing, backspin linedrive to left center, quick out of box
RyanPeppers5 Star Great Lakes Chiefs 2023 Black2022RHP,FB 73-75 CB 62-63 gets ahead early struggles mid ab trying to hit spots, but still pitching strong through 3 // +mech, +intent, +online
LukaZakman5 Star Great Lakes Chiefs 2023 Black2023RHP, FB 75-77 CB 63-65 Velo doesnt pop out but this kid is kind of a stud
TateWoottonBB Young Guns 16U2023RHH, S underdevo frame, +swing, +hands inside, up the middle swing
JaceFryeBB Young Guns 16U2023RHH easy pop, +mech, +ATH, two out triple over CF
JacobMcGuireBeaver Valley 16U Red?RHH L body, bases clearing double, pop to oppo field, flat quick bat, stays thorugh zone // RBI ground rule double
CadenTriggBlueprint Baseball 16U2023FB 82-85 CB 72-74 // RHP, balanced gather/load to quick twitch +intent fllow through, repeatable motion/follow through
BenLaLanceBlueprint Baseball 16U2023POG CG shut out
JackMcLauryBlueprint Baseball 16U2023RHP FB 76-81, side arm CH 70-71, +ATH, +mechanics, +arm action, syays online, finsishes out front // “3.0 IP, 0 H, 0 BB, 0 R, 5 K 27 pitches-20strikes”
JoelPowers-EgeChampaign Xpress2023FB 76-80 CB 66, good 12-6 action // RHP, +mech but needs to engage lower half
MatthewDelorenzoChampaign Xpress2023single up the middle, RHH, stayed patient, linedrive to right center
ConnorRaquetCincinnati Aces Elite 16u2023RHH +swing spd, stays through ball, can hit other way w pop, L body, decent speed out of box
DavisAveryCincinnati Aces Elite 16u2023FB 75-78 T 80 CB 64-66 // RHP slow load to faster pace drive and finish
NickSolazzoCincinnati Aces Elite 16u2023LHP FB 73-76 CB 59-62 absolutely dominate through 3 // + mech, + follow through, + command
T.J.ShiraCincy Flames – Hargreaves2023FB 72-75 T77, CV 59-62, this is only strike he’s thrown that hasn’t been put in play, but he has produced soft contact, like 25 pitches through 3 innings
ChaseGartnerCincy Flames – Hargreaves2023LHH L ATH build, smooth swing, can go other way
AidenVandehatertCincy Flames – Hargreaves2023LHPShoved against the Indiana Twins. 7 IP 2 H 0 R 9 K 2 BB // 75-77
CussWoodCincy Flames – Hargreaves2023LHP 76-79 CB 63-66 +CB, +mechanics, +online
JadenHartCincy Flames – Stidham2023RHH S frame, +ATH +SPD, +SWING, quick out of the box // 2b over cf // one hopper to pullside. has good baseball instints in the box. finds easy barrels
AustinAdamsCincy Flames – Stidham2023RHH +L build, +easy swing, +pop // 2 RBI double // “hit ball well this weekend”
CAMERONBOLDENCLE Prospects2023RHH M build, easy swing through the zone, easy oppo HR // hard hit single up the middle
TREYREUTTERCLE Prospects20232 run single up the middle, also 2nd hit // quick hands
DaneDeweesRawlings Tigers 2023 Scout2-run double
YancyEdinRawlings Tigers 2023 ScoutRHH, +_swing, +thru ball+ good hands, simple load, hands quick to ball,
TroutmanRawlings Tigers 2023 ScoutC, blocks well
KasenParksCommonwealth 16U Grays Black2023RHP 75-76, cb 62-63. +mechanics, +CB // solo HR, M frame +upside body/ATH, +swing, smooth pop, ND GETS OUT OF BOCK QUIck
SethCatonCommonwealth 16U Grays Black2023RHH RBI double to RF, knee down // RHP 73-74 CB 60-61, + balance, +intent, +ATH
BraysonRingCommonwealth 16U Grays Black2023RHP 73-75 CB 62-63. +mechanics, stiff delivery, consistent motion and stays on line
AndrewGilliamCommonwealth 16U Grays Black2023RHH M frame, RBI double to RF, stayed inside ball nice
BradyCainCommonwealth 16U Grays Black2023RHP back to back Ks to end the inning, +mech
KasonMyersCommonwealth 16U Grays Black2023
DrewBowlesCommonwealth ExpressSS, RH, +smooth, +defender, +arm, makes the routine play look easy, stays down on ball w quick hands
JakeFultsDallas Tigers Ahearne 16u2025RHH + swing speed, +pwr other way, efficent bat path, quick hands
AydenTerryDallas Tigers Ahearne 16u2023RHP, +mech, +intent, 77-80 64-69 cb
StevenRamosDallas Tigers Ahearne 16u2024LHH, ++swing, good hands, 2b ro RF // +ATh +spd, good lower half use on swing
ColeFujitaDallas Tigers Ahearne 16u2023RHH, oppo single, +swing, let ball travel threw barrel at it
EthanHembyDallas Tigers Ahearne 16u202378-81, cv 67-70, RHP, +smooth
BruegemanMMW Victus National79-81, SL 72-73, RHP raw mech
LoganWilsonDBACKS 16U Mannan2023RHP 72-75 T77, balanced load to launch, +intent, L body, highleg kick (w balance) to overtop down hill release
GriffinTinkelDBACKS 16U Vilorio2023RHP + mech 80-83 cb 68
EllisFolksDbacks Avery202380-82, 74-76 cb RHP
JakeVerellenDbacks Avery2022FB 81-83 T 85 CB 71-74, +mechanics, stays online really well and has good drive off the mound, +intent! // “stud” // 82-84 cb 73-75
JayTuttleDbacks Avery2023oppo single, +swing, +inside, RHH
JordanScottDbacks Avery2023FB 73-77, SL 62-65, works very quick and hasn’t thrown more than 12 pitches in an inning yet
ConnerDessellierDbacks Avery2023RHP 80-83, CB 62-64, +mech, +intent, slow lift to agressive drive
JoshAgarDbacks Avery202380-82 fb, cb 73-74, LHP raw mechanics, +arm action , +drive
EvanMcIntyreDbacks Elite2022. FB 81-84. OFF 69-71. Kids chucking// RHP, slide step 80s, L skinny frame, tight breaking ball, +command // sitting 83 thru 3
JaseKennedyDemand Command Toledo Fischer2023XL overweight looking, heavy fb , RHP, 75-78 CB 63-65, +mech, +command
CodyKellerDemand Command Toledo Fischer2023RHH RBI double other way, +swing +through zone
JackBorerDemand Command Toledo Fischer2023RHH, balanced leg kick, flat bat rhrough zone, 3rbi double to fence, +swing
ConnerMooreDemand Command Toledo Fischer202281-83, CB 67-69, RHP XL frame, +mech, +cuts off follow through slightly
MatthewGastDemand Command Toledo Fischer2023RHH, 8.78 TT2nd, leadoff triple, +swing // multiple hits // 3rd hit of the game, can go other way with ease // Gets foot down early, ++efficient hitting mechanics
JaredHoerstenDemand Command Toledo Tansel202378-81 Sl 71, RHP +mech, +intent
ColinD’HondtDetroit Metro Stars 16U Red2023CF, +ATH made 3 run saving catch going back to his left over his shoulder near WT.
CalebHappellDetroit Metro Stars 16U Red2022C, +block, +frame
JosephDickinsonDetroit Metro Stars 16U Red2022L Ath frame, easy swing, +swing, “swings it well” // RHH, +swing, simple load. 2nd line drive of the day
JoshWeissDetroit Metro Stars 16U Red2022FB 79-81 tight SL 68 // upside mech, under devel L, +balance // 6 IP, 6 H, 2 R, 2 BB, 3 K //
LukeHallDetroit Metro Stars 16U PlouffeFB 78-80, SL 67-70 // RHP, +mech, +intent, +follow thru
LukeKamegDetroit Metro Stars 16U Plouffe79-83 Cb 63-75 RHP, charges down hill, command? // 82-84 CB 68
JosephMeyerDetroit Metro Stars 16U PlouffeWTP RHH stays through ball well, +swing
TyBeckerRawlings Tigers 2023 ScoutLHH +swing, 2B off fence
BradyNugentHOJO Elite 16U Platinum2023RHH, +speed, 8.25 TT2, short compact swing hands get lost behind frame though), quick hands, linedrive triple to RC
CharliePierceHOJO Elite 16U Platinum202384-86, taken out early w what appeared to be arm soreness
AlanYoungHOJO Elite 16U Platinum2023RHH, simle inside out swing, gets Basehit through middle of the field, quick out of the box
BrodyMannHOJO Elite Diamond2023RHP, +command, +armside run, +mech
andrewthomasHurricanes 16U2022RHP, , +mech, +arm action, +intent, cb tight break and keeps hitter off balance, 12-5
KyleRileyIndiana ExposLHP 79-82, locked potential (mech), better finish, raw mech // 3/4 arm slot but pulls off
WalkerBrodtIndiana Nitro2023RHP XL body, 79-82
StoneSilverIndiana Spikes Cruz2022RHP, 78-81 fb, ch 73, cb 64, +mvnt on fb, L ath frame
JakeGrayJeffersontown Strike2023RHP “really wild” L body, +mechanics, tempo issue causing command issues
WalkerLandrumKBC 16U Blue2023LHH, XL ATH frame, with a nice swing, been hitting the ball well all game with some nice plays at 1b, +smooth,
BraxtonGrubbKBC 16U Blue2023RHP FB 79-83. CB (12-6) 56-60. CH 72-74. Lots of swing and misses. Curveball somehow effective for how slow it is. Pretty heavy break. // Tall strong ATH build, long arms, +mech // 79-81 cb 59-62, +smooth
RJParksKBC 16U Blue2023HUGE 3 RBI double by RJ Parks of KBC Blue to give them the lead in the top of the 5th inning in a tight contest // RHH, XL nonath body
AddisonStockhamKBC 16U Prime2023LHP, 78-81, 66-70 off speed, XL tall frame, +mechanics, +upside, +future velo, stays online well. controlled balanced delivery
RyanJohnsonKBC 16U Prime202382-84, ch75-77, cb 68-69, LHP…+mech, +intent
KeenKBC 16U PrimeRHP, L ATH frame, +mech, +intent, +downhill, heavy fb, 82-86, 71-72 cb came in to close the game
JonahPorterKBC 16U Prime2023RHH, 2b off wall, oppo, +swing
ChaseRHPKBC 16U Prime2023RHPFB 82-86. CB 71-72
JacksonShecklerKHawks2024RHH M think frame, undeveloped physcially, +swing, +balanced through zone, efficent bat path // one hops wall
EthanStagerLake Erie Tritons 16u Scout2023L ath frame, +siwng RHH,
ChristianMaysLake Erie Tritons 16u Scout2023RHH, +swing +pop
BrandonSwopeLake Erie Tritons 16u Scout20231BLHPLHH, ++ smooth lefty swing, +swing, +thru ball, +other way, oppo double off wall
RileyAmesLake Erie Tritons 16u Scout20232 run single, RHH, quick bat, up the middle swing, +ATH frame (M). +spd
BraydenWeisLake Erie Tritons 16u Scout2023RHP 79-82 w +run, CB 67-70 (low cmnd) //
DomCarlsonLake Erie Tritons 16u Scout2023FB 83-85 T86 SL 75-76 // RHP, +mech, simple overtop, +command,
NathanFechLCB Legends 16u2023
AndrewAblerLegacy Baseball – Theisen2023RHH + swing, 2b off wall // FB 80-82 CB 69 CH 68-70, mixing all 3 well and throwing them all for strikes // RHP, +mech, +breaking ball
NateKressLocos Express 16U2023RHP FB 79-82 T84
CUT/Overtop slider 73-74
Sidearm SL 67-68, +mech, +arm action, +armside run on fb, +intent
BeauBarkerLouisville Bulldogs2023RHP, +mech FB 70-72. Only video I got that wasn’t hit into play, fouled off or not a strike. He is getting a lot of contact and outs
JackMatthewsLouisville Bulldogs2023RHH, +swing, can go other way, stats through ball knee down
KellyRobertsonLouisville Bulldogs202374-78 +cb at 68-72, +cmnd, RHP, thick L frame, easy velo, +mech
BradySauerLouisville Bulldogs2023RHH, easy pop, +hands, +swing, +out of box, “big double in gap”
BraydenLewisLouisville Bulldogs2023RHP 73-76, RHH single to right,
DaxRaneyLouisville Bulldogs2023diving catch in centerfield // RHP 72-75 CH 63-64, overtop and sidearm both pitches // LHH RBI triple to right // +ATH
ZaydenWattMac N Seitz 16U McCullouch2023SSRHH, ++swing, +smooth hands, +spd, +ath
MadduxRadosevicMac N Seitz 16U McCullouch2023RHH, L body, +swing, flat bat thru the zone // RBI double
AidenSchumacherMason Monarchs 16U2023smokd a ball to right center for double // RHH, +swing, patient, hits ball where pitched, smooth easy swing,
NoahLyonsMavericks2024“Player of the game Noah Lyons 1 out away from a complete game winning pitcher 10-5 Mavericks over beaver valley.”
BRADLEYCOULTERMaxPower Baseball Academy 20232023RHP L tall, 77-80, SL 69-72, +command w both pitches, +mechanics, +intent on delivery, +armside run and sink on FB // “shoves zone” +natural sink” “legit”
DONAVINCARROLLMaxPower Baseball Academy 20232023POG //
BrodeyAcresMichigan Blue Jays – Dishman2022RHH +hands, 2rbi double, 8.35 TT2nd
JackBakusMichigan Blue Jays – Dishman20234 hit shutout by Jack Bakus/ 7IP 8K 0BB throwing only 73 pitches, 56 of which were strikes/ behind the plate smacked in two RBI’s off two hits / good pitcher knows how to mix up his off speed to throw hitters off // RHP XL strong frame, sneaky velo, smooth wind up // LHH, +pop, +swing
CooperVillarealMichigan Blue Jays – Dishman2023FB: 79-81, CB:69-71, RHP Xl frame, +mech, +online
CraigClearyMichigan Blue Jays – Rhodes2022RHH, rbi triple pullside +swing
HolstoneBlue Jaysleadoff single, RHH, ++swing, +mechanics, +easy swing, uses whole field
EvanLarsonMichigan Bulls – Guenther2023LHH, L stocky frame, +smooth quick hand swing, +swing, +thru ball, +future grade as he develops physically
CodyMarkusMichigan Bulls – Guenther2023RHP, 82-83 SL 75-76, stocky body, sharp slider, +smooth, +mechanics, easy going lift to drive, +online // 81-84 / 73-75 gets a lot og swing and miss on SL. // smooth
RobertKlannMichigan Bulls – Guenther2023FB 80-82 T84 CB 68-70 , RHP, +mech, +online, overtop, // “89-90 in February”, // 83-84 last two innings, 7IP 2R 6H // L Ath frame, upmiddle bases clearing odule, +swing, RHH, easy pop. // mulitple hits
GavinNashMichigan Bulls – Guenther2023FB 81-84 CB 67-69 SL 76 // RHP, +mech, +intent //
SamClayMichigan Bulls – Guenther2023RHH, base clearing triple, easy pop, +swing, +speed, 8.3 TT2nd,
MitchellCavanaughMichigan Bulls – Guenther2023RHH, RBI sinlge up the middle, ok swing
GarrettScamahornMid-America yankees 16u2023SSRHP, 79-83 . Very wild . No offspeeed . And very whippy arm action, +ATH, charges downhill, hands high sep, low command bc of it, +future grade
WILLSCHULTZMidland Mohicans2023RHP 78-81, +mech, +follow thru
MATTHEWFRYEMidland Mohicans2023RHP, +mech, +online “swing and miss stuff”
NATHENTaylorMidland Tomahawks2023RHPFB 80-83 T84 // +fb cmnd, RHP, smooth controlled lift to drive, stays online well
JACOBCROWEMidland Tomahawks2023RHP, +mech, +intent, could follow through better, pops up causing misses up in zone, FB 79-81 T82 CB 66-67
QuinnLathamMidwest Astros – Walters2023RHP 72-74, CB 62-63. Short arm/side arm slot. +intent. arm side run.
NoahBunnerMidwest Astros 16U Marrow2023clutch rbi hit into RC gap for win, RHH, +swing
EliBridenthalMidwest Astros 16U Marrow2023RHP 80-82 CB 74-76, +mech, +drive, +intent + overlay // RHH, L ATH frame, +quick bat, +swing speed, rbi double off the wall // really keeps momentum moving through the ball, can hit the ball in anhy location, hit ball to all fields
GarrettBenkoMidwest Irish 16U2023RHP FB 81-82 CB 70 tall L frame, smooth, mech, “tall skinny” +upside
ConnorCottonMidwest Irish 16U2023CF, +speed, 4.09 TT1, RHH. +ATH
ChaseSchwandtMidwest Irish 16U2023LHP 77-79 cb 65-67, +mech, +arm action, +mvmnt
ZacharyZycchowskiMidwest Irish 16U2023RHH, +swing, +power to pull side // 2b //
LukaRomicMidwest Irish 16U2023RHP XL frame, FB 77-79, SL 66-69, really sharp tight slider
GannanHowesMidwest Irish 16U2023LHH, +hands, +swing, RBI triple
ChevyAlvaradoMotor City Hit Dogs2023thick M frame, quick hands, RBI 1b down line, RHH
HolbrookMotor City Baseball ClubRHP +mech 79-81, Cb 70-71
JakeBeanNEO Elite Black2023RHH quiet stance, quiet hands, fluid swing, “hard hit single” pullside 82-84 Cb 67 -70 RHP, +mech, +intent, +armaction
CapizziBeaver ValleyRHH +swing inside out, barrelled ball up middle, quick out of the box // single to right
CamranWadsworthNEO Elite Black2022LHP, 77-78, CB 63, side arm slot but doesnt lower torso, creates +armside run.
CarpentiereNYC Rising Stars Elite2 run 2b, “multiple nice plays at 3rd” // RHH, +swing, +swing speed // 2 run single, 4 rbis // hammers ball back up box // L ATH frame
CastanedaNYC Rising Stars EliteRHH, +swing, +swing speed, quick out of the box // RHP, 77-80 68, ok mechanics, flys open, +arm action
CameronNYC Rising Stars EliteL RHH simple swing, staysinside ball, HH 1B over pos4
#29NYC Rising Stars EliteRHH, +smooth swing, 2rbi double
TrevorOllierOhio Elite – Oxender2023RHP 76-78, cb61-64, +mech, +arm action
MitchBoldenOhio Elite – Statzer (2021)2020RHP 77-81, cb 62-64, slow/controlled lift to quick twitch drive, kershaw pause, +mech + smooth
LarsonBrownOhio Elite – Statzer (2021)2023RHH, drives 2b, +swing, +efficent swing path
ColeWhittingtonOKPWP 16U- Frazier2023M ath frame, RHH, +swing, +swing speed, +ath,
GraysonConnellOKPWP 16U- Frazier2023FB 82-84 CB 72-73 // L, sinle mechanics
OwenBailorOKPWP 16U- Frazier2023LHPLHP XL long, locked velo, 78-80, 63-66 FB
DrakeYoungSE Rawlings Mad Mavericks KY20235IP 7SO 2BB 1ER 6H // RHP, , L frame, +future proj // comes back in the second game and gets 2 huge hits to give his team a narrow 7-5 win, 8.8 TT2nd, simple swing, stays inside, can drive ball other way
NolanHigginsSouthwest Oakland Warriors2022RHP long body, simple mechanics, +mechaincs, over top, +arsmside run, +comand, locats CB, +extension // 82-85, SL 70-73, +future grade
JackDeckerSouthwest Oakland Warriors2022RHH Double to LF gap, M frame, +swing // FB 80-82 CB 68-69. 3 K’s in first inning. Good command. Kid knows how to pitch, balnced “slow” gather to quick twitch/violent intent down hill
JordanBergerSouthwest Oakland Warriors2023RHH, 4.4 TT1 // stayed patient on outside pitch – double over RF head // 80-81, RHP, +mech
TylerKostoraSouthwest Oakland Warriors2023HR (grandslam) // hard hit single short XL, compact fast hand swing, otherway pop
ClayHartjeSouthwest Oakland Warriors2023C, hard hit 1b, LHH, +swing, +knee down, through baseball, ++ mech
WillKaySpiders Baseball Club2023RHP, 75-79 good drive, +mech head away and stays online
JamesJenkinsSpringfield Mets2023RHP 79-81 T83, Cb 67-69, +mech, +arm action, not smooth, little raw
CadeFullerSWA STORM2023opposite field home run (sat) // HR friday // RHH, oopo power, fast hands //2b cf, 8.53 //
BenGoodwinSWA STORM2023RBI Triple
CarsonLoveSWA STORM2023homerun // RHH, oppo HR, easy swing, +swing
ChristianLimSWA STORM2023FB 82-84 T86 CB 68-69. Strikes out the side in the first inning. Will get more next inning // LHP +OScmd, +cmnd,
AidenJusticeSWA STORM2022RHH, M strong build, smooth swing, ground rule double EV 89
CasenCalmusSWA STORM2023solo bomb, RHH,
LoganErvineSWA STORM2023RHH, easy smooth swing, stays thorugh the ball, +balance, solo HR
JacobTaborTCR Gold2023LHP, 6’3” 195 lbs FB 81-83 T85CH 74-77 SL 72-73, tall L, smooth, ++intent, hvy fb, good armside run //
MaxMullenTCR Gold2023RHP heavy FB, +armside mvmnt, // + command “painting corners”
CarterHansonTCR Gold2023RHH, quick hands // 2-run homer //, flat bat through the zone, stays through the ball well // G1: 3 RBIs 1 HR
GriffinWhiteTCR Gold2023RHP “good painting corners”, +mechanics, smooth load to lauch, +arm action, +armside run NEED VELO NUMBERS // 79-81 Cb 69-71 +cb velo, 1 run thru 5 innings // efficent mechanics
TJLaddVipers Baseball Club – 2023 Adell2024“monster 2 rbi double to CF” XL + ATH
AnthonyAliceaWarriors Baseball Club 16U2023“great pitcher” RHP, “3/4 arm slot, +mech, ++command, +fb sink, 66-68 SL, 79-83 fb, “commands zone well”
LogenDeckardWarriors Baseball Club 16U2023CFLHH skinny M build, whippy lefty swing, +mech, +hands, “solid contact all weekend”, finds barrels. +ATH +spd
IanPetersonWarriors Baseball Club 16U White2023FB 79-83. CB 69-70. SL 73-74. CH 75-76. Good stuff through 4 innings. // RHP. +mech, +future devo
CarterWolfeWolfepack 20232023RHP “throwing well through 4”, +mechanics, whippy arm, +intent, L body
DruMeadowsWolfepack 20232023LHP, L skinny, hides ball well, +fluid motion, +mech, 79-80, “solid arm” // +command, no runs, 1 hit, // +extention +intent
AshtonMillerWVBC Hounds2023RHP, +mech, stiff leg lift, but stays on line very well with good quick twitch arm action,slight kershaw pause // FB 80-81. CB 67-70. CH 75-76. Spotting up fastball really well, sharp hard to hit curve, and keeping hitters off balance with change and high FB
TannerThorntonXenia Scouts2023RHH + swing, stays through the ball really well, single up the middle
GabeMcDowellXenia Scouts2023Made nice play to his left at 2B
KevinHaynesFlorida HeatRHH, RBI double in oppo gap, +swing, +oppo
ElijahVickersFlorida HeatRHH, + armside run, +mech, “solid game”
FreddyRathFlorida HeatLHP breaking ball working early in the game for // 77-79, 68-69 cb, +mech, +throws across his body
ReggieWilliamsFlorida Heatup middle base hit, LHH // RBi 2b oppo, +swing
MartinGaloFlorida Heat13 years oldRHP + mech
OwenJohnsonDetroit Metro Stars PlouffeRHP 77-80, Cb 62-63, +mech, +intent, ++follow through, good tempo and balanced // 6 1/3 IP 6SO 3BB on 7 hits / stats don’t show it but he worked the zone well, ability to elevate fastball, +comnd w cb, good break
NateMcdonaldDetroit Metro StarsSmooth hands at SS
BradyMiscovichDetroit Metro StarsSmooth at 2b
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