All Scout Selections – Texas Christian University – The Southwest Freedom Classic (July 1-4, 2021)

July 1-4, 2021 - Players of the Week

All players listed below were hand picked by Pastime’s Tier 1 scouts who spend all weekend identifying talent amongst every tournament labeled “All Scout”. Each player that is labeled as a top player of the weekend will receive an invite to the All Scout Championship individual event in August.

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First NameLast NameTeam NameGrad YearPrimary PositionSecondary PositionScout Notes
FrankieSantiago17U ZT Elite Ibarra20231BC3 homerun
OwenRoeverFort Worth Cats BlackRHP77-79 FB
CashBassett18U Express Baseball ClubRHP80FB Ch 74 CB 65
AlexJanuaryUSA Prime2024corner INFRHPAlex is a big young prospect that has shown the ability to swing the bat. He seems to be a pullside hitter that gets around the ball once in awhile. He does a great job with a quiet and consistent load. He also does and ecllent job of getting his hands extended after contact.
DannyVilanueva17U ZT Elite ibarraRHPDanny FB is 78-83 with a curve ball 69-71. He does a great job of time his lower half and upper half together. He could have better joint mobility in the hips and in his spine. He looks like his body can gain the needed strength to pitch at the college level.
BraxtonEstes16U WBO Dallas Tigers2023LHPFB 75-78
AntonioCerdaFort Worth Aces-CastilloFB 75-79 CB 6871
BrentWilson18U Express Baseball ClubLHPFB 75-81 CB 66-67 Brent is a pitcher that hits spots and keeps the ball low. He has great off speed. He seems to have alot of pitch ability . He pitches at your typical LHP velo that colleges would give a chanc on. He will continue to develop and can be a solid small school lhp.
CoreyZellaZT Elite2022RHPFB 77–80 CB 72-74
DillonDahlgrenNOCO Storm 18U2022RHPFB 77-81 CB 64 some potential to get some velo gains. He needs to get better hip shoulder seperation because he pulls his front side early to try to generate the velocity. So he throws with all arm. so by cleaning the mechanic he could add velo. He appears to have a body to build from as well.
VincentRojas16U Express BaseballRHPFB 78-80
GarrettJonesFort Worth Cats BlackRHPFB 79-82 CB 63-70 Garrett is an excellent line drive hitter. He has been consistant this tournment getting on base and getting hits. He has also shown his ability to play defense. He has routinue played very well in th infield and has the arm to make the throws need .
JakeWardZT Elite-STX2022RHPFB 80-81 CH 74 CB 65
HaydenHurstTexas Cubs (18)2021RHPFB 83-86 Slider 75-76 Hayden is an excellent pitcher but not sure of his commitment status since he is a 2021 grad. He did peerfom well and if he doesnt have a place if someone can work with him. he would be a solid pitcher at the collge level for a small school.
JoeyMarin17U ZT Elite IbarraJoey has a very good swing. He does well by using his leg lift to get hinged and loaded into his back hip. He does well keeping his hands inside the baseball. He has the ability to pull an inside pitch. He has enough power hit extra base hits.
DylanLujanNOCO Storm 18U2022LHH Dylan is a kid who can hit the ball to all fields. He does a good job of taking his hands to the ball late in the cant and battle during his at bats. He is a little smaller in size and has good speed.
NathanHayesZT Elite-STXNathan is LHH he has gap to gap power.he will occasionally hit on out when everything is connected. WHen he stays centered he will have the needed pop. When NAthan gets in trouble is when Nathan slides his hips and moves his head to much.
CaleFarringtonPittsburg Sliders2022Cpop time 2.03
BraxtonHefernanFort Worth Cats BlackRHPRHP FB 78-82 CB 73 As a LHH Braxton has a number of extra baseb hits and hard hit balls. He has quick hands that allow him to get to the baseball. He does have trouble with consisitently hitting breaking balls. He bat is in and out of the zone. He does have a balance 50/50 stance. he does a good job of having good rythm and getting his hand started as the pitch is on the way.
CalebTylerICON Baseball 18u – Vasquez2023RHPRHP 79-84 SL 71-72
SebastianHuerta17U ZT Elite IbarraCSebastian has an arm that can play at the next level. His in game poptime was 2.03. He also hits he ball well. almost putting a few out of the ball park. He is a strong kid and will continue to develop as he matures in his career. He already has solid gap power.
BrockNellorTexas Cubs (18)2021signed to player play football in College
TylerGuidryFort Worth Black CatsRHPTyler Fb 78-81 He does a a good arm and has some natural arm whio in his delivery. He does as a young prospect needs to gain strength and engage his lower half with more efficant use of the lower half chain. He just needs to contnue to be coached and develop.
WestonFriesSalina Hawks2023RHPWeston FB 79-84 Slow CB ball at 64-66. He is a High 3/4 delivery guy. He does a great job of getting his back hip turned that allows his arm to create the whip is arm and help him stay loose. He glove side tends to drift on him which can lead to some inconsistency in command.
ZachLyleZT Elite 16ULHPZach is a Lhp that has a FB that 78-81 He looks like your protypical Lhp. He has a lean body frame that still need to mature. currently he uses alot of arm to throw the baseball. H ejust needs to clean up a few things and his velo and his consisitency will dramatically improve a prospect at 16 for sure.
LandynMcCloudICON Baseball 15u2024C
MattMitchellTexas Cubs (18)2023
RichardMauricioUSA Prime2024OFLHP
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