All Scout Selections – The All Scout Select at Nashville, TN *ALL SCOUT EVENT* (July 9-12, 2021)

July 9-12, 2021 - Players of the Week

All players listed below were hand picked by Pastime’s Tier 1 scouts who spend all weekend identifying talent amongst every tournament labeled “All Scout”. Each player that is labeled as a top player of the weekend will receive an invite to the All Scout Championship individual event in August.

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First NameLast NameTeam NameAge DivisionGrad YearPrimary PositionSecondary PositionScout Notes
bradendeverman309 Elite Baseball 2025142025RHP
julianalexander309 Elite Baseball 2025142025RHPOld school wind-up with hands over head. Nice velocity for a 14U kid. Effortless 3/4 arm angle.
jaxsontresenriter309 Elite Baseball 2025142025SSRHPNice velocity as a 14U player. Effortless low 3/4 delivery. Uses ground force well getting down the mound. Arm side run on FB and late breaking, breaking ball.
GageGaschlerBB Elite- Black182022RHPRHP with effortless delivery. 3/4 arm action. Appears to attack hitters. FB appears to be very straight above average CB.
ZanCurrieBlueprint Baseball 16U162023LHP1BLHP with 3/4 arm slot. FB: 78-81. Has arm side run and deception in his delivery. Slight crouch, open stance. Line drive single over 1B head for RBI. LHH
KohlHedgepathBlues 16 PrimeKohl is a thick bodied kid with a strong and powerful swing. We saw him drive an inside pitch down the left field line for the winning RBI on a SAC fly. He stayed thorugh the ball well and didn’t hook. Kohl has an easy swing with quick hands.
TannerCarpenterBlues 16 Prime
SethRisleyCincy Smoke182021RHP6-2, 195 lb RHP. Marian University commit. Loose 3/4 arm action delivers effortless velocity. Curve ball has nice depth and late movement. Change-up appears to have same arm action and be a deceptive pitch.
JackQuetschenbachCompetitive Edge Ducks142025OFLHP6-1, 160 pound, OF/LHP with solid stroke at the plate. Open/upright stance with toe tap approach and load. Short, quick swing and quick to the ball. Ball jumps off of his bat. 60: 7.57; OF Arm; 75; Exit velo: 86.
OwenCutinelloDirtbags Baseball172022C6-2, 180 lb catcher, R/R. Pop: 2.43-250; Arm: 71, Exit velo: 83. Slightly open stance, long load and swing path.
JoshWinkleElite Select162023LHPEffortless delivery. Low 3/4 arm slot creating armside run. Good potential to develop into low to mid 80’s FB. PBR has FB in low 80’s
JustinOsterhouseElite Select16
JoeSeurynckElite Select16
ColbyWardElite Select16
BenSchmisseurFranklin Bombers172022RHP6-3, 185 lb RHP. Tall and fall type delivery. Does a good job of getting into his glutes and riding his pelvic load. 3/4 arm slot.
ColinStokesGRA Clendenen 17U172022Dead Center Home Run
BradyPowellGRA Pitts 17U172022RHP6′, 175 lb, RHP who comes at you from right over the top. He has good command and pitches on both sides of the plate. Breaking ball is a loopy 12/6 variety, and needs to be tightened up.
LoganMcLaughlinHawks Gold Craven17/182022
DrewPlummerHit after Hit Outlaws – Kirby16/172022SSRH hitter hitting out of relaxed stance with bat on shoulder and slight knee bend. Loads hands early and smoothly. Takes barrell straight to the ball with short, quick stroke. 7.0 in 60, 80 MPH IF arm, 89 MPH exit velocity.
CooperHargroveHit after Hit Outlaws – Kirby16/172022LHP6-0; 180 pound LHP with smooth, effortless delivery. Has good command of both FB and CB.
NathanAguilarHit after Hit Outlaws – Nolen16/172023Nathan is a thick strong young man with natural expolisiveness in his movements. On the mound he possesses top end throing mechanics that are powered by his lower half. Nathan drives with good extension allowing him to get arm side run on his fastball as well as be able to throw a tight breaking ball with command. Consistently threw his fastball in the mid 80s this weekend.
BrennanMealerHit after Hit Outlaws – Smith152024LHPA left handed pitcher, Brennen showed a heavy fastball with whippy arm action. Brennen posseses a large and long body and has very powerful leg drive and releases ball out front.
CooperStephensHit after Hit Outlaws – Smith152024SSRHPRelaxed stance with short-simple stroke. Hit deep double over LF head in LC to knock in 2 runs.
ThatcherGreenHOJO Elite Diamond162022Thatcher has a smooth quick swing from the right handed batter’s box. Up right batting stance, has a simple step to swing. Does a good job at covering the entire plate with his swing.
BlaineWynkHome Field Elite172022Upright/open stance. Closes as he loads. Went down and got a low and in strike and drove it to the LC gap for a 3-RBI double. Seems to find the barrell and drives the ball gap to gap.
AaronAdkinsHome Field Elite172022RHPFluid, efficient delivery. Solid glove side connection. Arm path is short, quick and 3/4 type action.
JacobWhiteHome Field Elite172022CUpright square stance. Nice load of weight and hands. Takes hands straight to the ball. Hard linedrive double down LF line.
MichaelRomagnoHustle Factory182021CReceives well. Very smooth and keeps ball off the backstop. Strong arm. Upright stance with simple, line drive approach
JeanGonzalezHustle Factory182020SS2BSmooth MIF actinos. Strong arm. Simple approach at the plate with nice swing.
JudsonIndiana Mustangs 14U ShirleyWith good arm action from the left side, Judson gets natural run on his fastball which he throws between 72-74mph. With some pretty raw pitching mechanics, Judson has a lot of potential to unlock yet with development.
ColbyRedmanIndiana Spikes Angel142024RHPNice easy delivery. Up to 77 as a 14U. Low 3/4 arm action produces arm side run.
CamrynWarfieldJeffersontown Strike162023RHPOFGood frame, tall and fall type delivery. High 3/4 arm action with explosive FB. Good footwork in OF with strong OF arm. Tall stance with toe tap and small load. Simple swing with line drive approach.
IanDonaldsonK-Hawks16/172022RHPLow 3/4 delivery. Ball seems to explode out of his hand and surprise hitters with the velocity.
JackBarhamK-Hawks16/172021RHP5-8, 160 lb RHP. According to PBR he has been up to 86. 3/4 arm action with arm side run on his FB.
AdamRileyKnights 13u Platinum142026For his age, Adam shows high level pitching mechanics with a repeatable smooth gather and lift to a strong drive with good extension and balance. Running his fastball up to 78 mph from the right side, Adam has high potential as he continues to develop.
GrantGageKnights South 16U Smith16RHPSlinger type delivery for this RHP. Up to 81 and gets little to no velocity from his legs. Could be a hidden gem for someone who can teach him how to use the big body.
TylerFetterKy Oilers1420251BRH hitter with balanced stance. Hits from slight crouch. Level swing path with gap to gap power. Drives the ball off the barrel.
BradyAtwellKy Oilers142025RHPFluid, effortless delivery with high 3/4 delivery. Breaking ball appears to have some depth to it. Good velo for 14U player.
AndrewPhillipsMichigan Storm142024Andrew posseses good pitching mechanics with a balanced controlled leg lift to a strong drive with noticable intent. Ran his fastball up to 78mph.
ReeceMateyokeMidAmerica Prospects 2022 Scout17/182022SS2BUpright, open stance. Lots of movement when loading hands, but gets into good hitting position. Ball jumps when he finds the barrell. Opposite field double driven over RF head. As of 10/20, 60: 7.3; IF Arn: 78, Exit Velo: 94.28
CarterOwensMidAmerica Prospects 2022 Scout17/1820226 IP 4H 2R 4K 2BB
CoyEdwardsMidwest Braves172022RHP6-1, 165 pound RHP with slow, tall and fall delivery pattern. Comes right over the top with quick arm even though arm action is a little long. Breaking ball is of the 12/6 variety with over the top arm action.
LandonCarrMidwest Braves172022RHPSSLow 3/4 delivery with arm side run on his FB and a sweeping slider. Looks to be more velocity available with better ground force with the lower half. Smooth play at SS on high chopper hit over pitcher’s head and ranging up the middle.
SebastianNormanMidwest Mavericks Navy142025RHPBig strong kid who’s fastball is in mid 80’s at 14. There is still more velocity in there with a more engaged lower half.
HudsonRobertsMidwest Mavericks Navy142025On the mound, Hudson is a harder throwing 14 year old, running his fastball up to 79 mph with a curveball that sat 66-68 mph. Leveraging his long frame with good mechanics, Hudson has easy velocity from the right side with a lot of potential as strength and balance improve with growth and experience. Showed his athlticism at the plate with a smooth lefty swing that showcases very quick hands and the ability to stay through the zone allowing him to use the entire field.
DayneMcNaughtonMinnesota Starters 17U – Red17/182022CRHP5-10, 190 lb C/RHP. Pop: 2.06-2.14, arm: 80; Exit: 89; 60: 7.29. Open stance and closes to load. Drops hands in his load creating lifting type swing. Ball does jump when he finds the barrell.
CarterHoffMinnesota Starters 17U – Red17/1820223BRHP6-3, 215 lb 3B/RHP. IF arm; 81, Exit velo: 87, 60: 8.28. Open stance, closes to load. Looks to elevate the ball to pull-side. Quick tempo, 3/4 arm slot. Mixes change-up and fast ball well out of same arm slot and tempo. Change-up is plus pitch.
DominicVoegeleMoco Tribe 16u15/162023RHPSS6-2, 175 lb, SS/RHP. Plays the game with composure, poise, and control. Stance is upright with relaxed approach. Not much of a load with the hands. Very short, quick stroke directly to the ball. In the MIF his reactions are smooth and controlled. He never seems out of control, but also is more steady than great play oriented. On the mound he is effortless, balanced and under control. His fast ball seems to explode on hitters.
BrennenWeikMoco Tribe 16u15/162023
JamesonStrozierMoco Tribe 16u15/162022RHPWith a large thick frame, Jameson generates a lot of force from his lower half to produce a violent drive and finish. Running his fastball up to 85 mph, he stays online really well through his finsih.
JaxRoganMonarchs Baseball16/172022LHPLow 3/4 arm slot produces arm side run. Velocity is not overpowering but commands both sides of the plate.
JamesLaughlinMonarchs Baseball16/172022James is an athletic looking catcher with light feet and can get out of the crouch fast. He has a fast glove to hand transer and stayed on line well on a throw to third.
WillShannonOakland Bulldogs 18u182021
ChrisHegeOakland Bulldogs 18u182021Chris has a strong athletic frame and uses his athelticism to produce overall upside mechanics. Running his fastball up to 85 mph with good armside run, Chris has quick tempo with noticable intent.
BlakeLambOKPWP 16U- Frazier16/172023RHPSS6-1, 165 lb, MIF/RHP. Tall stance with short stride and small load to start swing. Pull side approach with plus power when he finds the barrell. 60: 6.85; IF Arm: 82; Exit speed: 88.76. On the mound uses slow, methodical delivery with athletic leg drive. Shows good command of tight, late-breaking curveball.
CooperMooreOKPWP 16U- Frazier16/172023RHPC6-0, 175 lb RHP. Explosvie! PBR: FB: 83-87, CB: 73-74; 75-77. Big, strong kid with effortless velocity. Body is under control. Short, whippy arm action coming from high 3/4 delivery. PBR metrics behind the plate: 60: 7.28; Pop: 1.81-1.93, arm: 82, exit velo: 82. Hitting starts slightly crouched and slightly open stance. Closes while loading. Drops hands a little during load phase causing uppercut, fly ball swing.
AidanO’MalleyOKPWP 16U- Frazier16/172023C6-0, 170 lb catcher. PBR metrics: Pop: 2.12-2.22; arm- 68, exit velo: 85, 60: 6.75. Square, upright stance. Minimal load of the hands. Takes hands straight to the ball. Hits the ball hard when finding the barrell.
PaytonBurnsOKPWP 16U- Frazier16/1720233BC5-8, 190 pound 3B/C. PBR metrics: Pop: 2.12-2.22; Arm: 72; 60: 7.76; Exit velo: 81. Wide, even set-up with quiet hands. Simple leg lift and hand load with short stride into a level swing plane. Gets up lift under the ball with hard line-drives and fly-balls.
DavidFinchOld Hickory 16sRHPAggressive style, comes right at hitters. Athletic delivery and 3/4 arm slot with arm side run.
JeremyJohnsonOrland Park Warriors 17u1720221B5-10; 180 pound 1B/OF, L/L. Slightly open stance with short stride and minimal hand load. Good strength in his quick hands. Ball jumps when he finds the barrell. 60: 7.67, OF Arm: 69; Exit Velo: 86.
ThomasStarcevichOrland Park Warriors 17u172022CRHP5-10, 170 lb, C/3B. Simple stance, small leg kick. short/quick stroke taking barrell directly to the ball. Has a pull approach. 60: 7.36, IF arm: 78, Exit velo: 79 as of January PBR. Upright and tall in his delivery on the mound. Has short arm action like you would expect from a catcher. Although only 75-78, velocity seems to jump on hitters, probably because of the short, quick arm action.
DaltonBoruffRawlings Tigers 17u – Aviston, Illinois172022RHP5-9, 155 pound RHP who KNOWS HOW TO PITCH. Throws from multiple arm angles, pitches on both sides of the plate, throws all pitches for strkes from various arm angles.
ConnorRiggsRawlings Tigers 17u – Aviston, Illinois172022LHPFluid, effortless delivery with low 3/4 arm slot. Arm slot creates sweeping type slider and armside run on FB.
LucasKaetzelRazorbacks 16u Carner162024CUpright, slightly open stance. Loads hands and straight to the ball. Drives double into LC gap.
DrewPestkaS.IL Bucs16/172022RHPDelivery is high 3/4 to somewhat over the top. This creates depth on his FB and downward break on his breaking ball.
HaydenGilmoreSt. Louis Naturals – 2025 Venatta142025LHP6-0, 170 lb 14U LHP. Good command. Tall and fall typde delivery. Very balanced and body is under control. Throws slightly across his body which adds to his armside run deception. Good velocity for 14U LHP. Change-up is heavy and dies at the plate. Curve ball is loopy and will tighten up with maturity.
WillGearySt. Louis Naturals – 2025 Venatta142025RHPEffortless high velocity (up to 77 for 14U). Very clean arm action from 3/4. Ball jumps on the hitter.
MichaelCobbTeam Axis Minutemen162023LHPLow 3/4 arm slot produces arm-side run away from RH hitters. Very deceptive delivery.
AidanO’SullivanTeam Axis Minutemen162022Old school wind-up with hands over his head. 3/4 arm slot produces some arm-side run. Does not use his lower half well and more velocity is available.
TyHuntThe Show 16UNot enought video to scout
EssenbergTop Tier South 14UEssenberg possesses an ability to effieciently move his body to produce easy and smooth velocity from the left side, sitting his fastball 79-82 with armside run. Additionally, he is able to mix two off speed pitches.
KeeganKearbyTPA Crush 17U16/172022RHPMIF6-0, 165 pound RHP/MIF. LH hitter. Fast ball up to 85 with clean, effortless delivery. Breaking ball has bite. Smooth LH bat with gap to gap power.
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