16U National Championship Results

We had a number of talented teams coming through Louisville in quest of the National Championship. Here we will recap each pool and how the bracket played out!


The auburn pool saw a very competitive tournament from top to bottom. This pool featured three 2-2 teams with the winner, Columbus Cobras, posting a 3-1 record. This sent the Cobras to championship bracket play on Saturday.

Beige Pool

The Beige Pool saw a dominant performance from the Detroit Metro Stars. Over 4 games, the Stars posted a 4-0 record while posting a 16 run differential. They were the only team to come out of this pool into bracket play.

Black Pool

The black pool was arguably the toughest pool of the weekend. They saw 3 teams go 3-1. The Commenswealth 16U Xpress owned the tie breaker to claim the top spot in the pool. They had a 16 run differential which was top in the pool. The OPS Blue Sox were able to take second place with the head to head victory over the LCB Legends.

Blue Pool

This is the only pool that saw a 2 win team advance to bracket play. The Fieldhouse Pirates did not lose a game, but they did tie twice. They finished pool play 2-0-2 which gave them first place in the pool. This is also one of the only pools to have 4 teams win at least 2 games.

Bronze Pool

The Bronze pool saw two teams tied at the top with a 3-1 record. The Illinois Chargers and Mccuthansville MTown came down to their head to head result which gave the Illinois Chargers the nod. MTown was still able to get in the tournament as a 2 seed qualifier.

Brown Pool

The Rawlings Tigers Velo put on a very strong performance going 4-0 in pool play. They had a whopping 31 run differential which earned them one of the top seeds in the tournament. Y’alls Elite was also very impressive going 3-1 and getting into the bracket as a 2nd place team.

Cream Pool

The cream pool was dominated by the Louisville Vipers. The vipers went 4-1 with a 21 run differential. They only allowed 12 runs over the 4 pool play games played.

Crimson Pool

The Crimson pool sees another Rawlings Tigers team advance to the championship bracket. Rawlings Tigers Quatro went 4-0 in pool play while only allowing 8 total runs in those games. Georgetown Baseball Club also had a good showing going 3-1 in pool play. Unfortunately, that did not qualify them for bracket play.

Gold Pool

The gold pool saw the KY Prospects take the top spot with a 3-0-1 record. They finished pool play with a 18 run differential. They were the only team to advance out of this pool.

Gray Pool

The Indy sharks hit their way to the top spot in their pool. In 4 games, the sharks posted 30 runs scored and were able to come out of pool play undefeated. The Chillicothe Colts 757 also played very well and posted a 3-1 pool play record. This was good enough to advance them to the main bracket.

Green Pool

The green pool was highly contested at the top. The Midland Tomahawks and Game Seven Legacy battled it out for the top spot and a place in the championship bracket. The Midland Tomahawks came out on top and continued on to be 4-0 in pool play.

Navy Pool

The Indiana Nitro came out on top of the Navy pool. As arguably the most dominant team of the week, the Nitro went 4-0 while scoring 36 runs and only allowing 6. A truly dominating performance earned them the 2 seed of 105 total teams.

Orange Pool

The orange pool saw a pair of 3-1 teams at the top, Motor City Mechanics and Indiana Primetime. The mechanics were able to advance with the head to head advantage. Despite being second in the pool, Primetime earned a spot in the championship bracket via their 17 run differential.

Pink Pool

Ironmen 16U dominated all of pool play. They went 4-0 in large part due to their bats. The bats were hot all week as they scored 37 runs in their 4 pool play games and advance to the championship bracket.

Purple Pool

The Bourbonnais Braves came out of the purple pool on top. They went 4-0 in pool play and posted an impressive 18 run differential. They were the only team to advance out of this pool.

Red Pool

The Illinois Dynasty came out on top of the red pool in large part due to their pitching. They only allowed 8 runs over their 4 games and that propelled them to a 4-0 record.

Silver Pool

The silver pool saw a tie at the top between the Ontario Royals and the Cincy Flames, both with a 3-0-1 record. While both teams would advance to bracket play, the Ontario Royals were the top of the pool via run differential.

White Pool

This was another pool that saw 2 teams tied at 3-0-1. The Sandlot Gunter and Midland Scout both sat at 3-0-1 for pool play. Again, both teams advanced, but Sandlot claimed the higher seed with a 24 run differential.

Yellow Pool

The yellow pool saw the Suburban Columbus Trapper go 4-0 in pool play and take the top spot in the pool. They scored 32 runs over those 4 games. The Southwest Oakland Warriors also advanced with a 3-1 record and would go on to steal the show later on.

Bracket Results

A 32 team main bracket saw a lot of chaos and a lot of upsets en route to a highly competitive championship game. Our top seed, the Rawlings Tigers Velo went on to win both Saturday games and advance to Sunday. Sunday, they ran into the Southwest Oakland Warriors. The Southwest Oakland Warriors came out hot and were able to defeat the Tigers in the quarterfinals 10-0.

The Midland Scout were our 31 seed and were able to upset the 2 seed in the first round by a score of 4-2. They were able to make their way to the semi-finals where they ran into a red hot Indiana Nitro. The Nitro were able to win the semi final game over Midland and advance to the Championship.

The Southwest Oakland Warriors and Indiana Nitro were far and away the hottest teams and they were able to meet in the championship game. A pitchers duel saw the Southwest Oakland Warriors come out on top 4-2 and claim the 16U National Championship.

Congratulations to the Southwest Oakland Warriors on a hard fought championship!
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